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Palm Island Dubai

Welcome to Dubai! Please come and visit the pearl of the Middle East and enjoy the spectacular Dubai hotels, beautiful sandy beaches and the excellent shopping opportunities that are found in the incredible Dubai shopping malls and outdoor markets.

Palm Islands

Palm Island Dubai is really a spectacular Dubai real estate project. The Palm Island Dubai, also called The Palm Dubai and The Palms, are the three largest islands on the planet that are build by man. The Palm Island Dubai, there are actually three different Dubai palm islands, is build off the Dubai coast. The Dubai Palm Island project was build by the Dubai real estate firm Al Nasksheel properties.

The idea of the Palm Island Dubai first came to publicity in 2002 and the planners behind the Dubai palm islands believed that due to Dubai's strong position in the world tourism market and upscale residential market that the markets were ready for the arrival of such an extensive and luxurious project. It comes to no surprise that the Palm Island Dubai is already called by many locals the eight wonder of the world.

The Palm Islands Dubai are build in a way so that they seem from above as palm trees. The Palm Jebel Ali island and the Palm Jumeirah island will each have a trunk and 17 leaves and they islands will both be surrounded by a crescent shaped island that will act as a reef to the Dubai palm island.

The Palm Island Dubai will have around one thousand homes build along the water front as well as around four thousand deluxe Palm Island villas. For those of you that are seeking an apartment in Dubai then you should also look at buying an apartment on Palm Island Dubai.

There are just over waterfront Palm Island apartments build and residents can enjoy such Palm island Dubai facilities such as water parks, a great selection of Palm Island Dubai international restaurants, Dubai shopping malls, movie theater and great boat marinas. The Palm Island Dubai project certainly is the most prestigious Dubai real estate project ever constructed.

Dubai Islands


Island images

Dubai Palm IslandDubai Palm Island

Palm Island Dubai
Second palm Island in Dubai

The world island
"The World" island in Dubai
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