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Dubai Weather - Dubai Climate

Dubai weather and the Dubai climate have created both pleasant and unpleasant weather conditions. The best period to visit Dubai is in between December and March when the Dubai weather conditions are at its best with cool and pleasant temperatures.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai weather is generally hot and humid with a high daily average of sun hours. The Dubai weather is of course determined by its climate.

Dubai Climate

The Dubai climate is an arid subtropical climate due to Dubai being located within the Northern desert belt.

The skies over Dubai are generally completely blue with little cloud cover. Due to the Dubai weather and its blue skies, Dubai has become a popular destination for astronomers.

Dubai Rainfall

The weather in Dubai can bring short and irregular rainfall as is typical for the Middle East. Most of the rainfall in Dubai occurs between December and March.

The period between December and March is when the Dubai weather conditions are considered to be the best as the temperature cools down to a more comfortable level.

Nice Dubai Weather

During the months when Dubai weather is most pleasant is also when tourist arrivals in Dubai increase. The period between December and March each year is considered by the Dubai hotel and travel industry to be the tourism high season of Dubai.

The weather in Dubai during the tourist high season is pleasant with average temperatures of around 24 degrees Celsius during daytime.

During the evenings and nights the temperatures can drop considerably more which is why we do recommend all visitors coming to Dubai during the cooler months to bring warm clothing as well.

Hot Weather in Dubai

The Dubai weather is at its worst during the summer months which is the period from June until September. Even local Dubai residents try to escape the Dubai weather by taking long holidays abroad.

The Dubai weather conditions create an average daily temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius which are not very pleasant conditions especially when combined with high levels of humidity.

Dubai weather even leads during the summer months to unbearable seawater temperatures nearly near 40 degrees Celsius.

Dubai spends lots of money on improving their nation and improving and expanding the tourist industry however even all the money of the world can’t change the Dubai climate.

Clothing for Dubai

Although the weather in Dubai might be hot and even though the Dubai climate is an arid sub-tropical climate, you are expected to dress in a fashion that will not insult the Muslim population of Dubai.

Ladies especially should be careful with their clothing and they should try to refrain from wearing miniskirts, revealing clothing items like low cut dresses and even pants that are of a very tight fit.

Dubai Swimwear

Normal western swimwear is acceptable at Dubai hotel swimming pools and at the beach with the possible exception of thongs.

Ladies should keep their top on at all times as being topless is not tolerated in Dubai. People should not walk outside in their swimwear as this is frowned upon.

Men have more liberal options when it comes to what clothing they should wear. Please do remember that men are expected to wear shirts in public and they should not walk around without any shirt in public as this would be considered to be extremely rude.

Dealing with the Dubai Weather

The weather in Dubai gets very hot and lengthy exposure to the sun can quickly lead to sunstroke if you don’t pay attention.

Please make sure to use the correct sun cream or sun block so that you protect your skin against the burning sun and the effect of the Dubai weather.

The sunlight in Dubai can also affect your eyes so please do use sunglasses with the correct UV factor and wear a hat or cap when possible.

The hotels in Dubai do sell alcohol to its hotel guests and with the hot Dubai climate and the unpleasant Dubai weather conditions might be tempt some tourists to consume ice cold beers and refreshing cocktails.

Please be careful when drinking any alcohol during the daytime in Dubai and especially when seated outside as you can get extremely ill due to the combination of the alcohol consumption and the hot sun.

Keep Hydrated in Dubai

You should drink enough water when the Dubai weather is at its hottest and when walking outside we do recommend for you to take a bottle of drinking water along.

It is important to keep hydrated when visiting the largest United Arab Emirate due to the Dubai climate and the Dubai weather conditions that it causes.

Dubai Temperatures

Dubai weatherAverage Monthly Temperatures in Dubai

Dubai climateDry Arid Dubai Climate
Dubai climateVisit Dubai during the winter when the weather in Dubai is mildest.
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