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Dubai Visa Requirements

To obtain a Dubai visa is not as complicated as some visitors might expect.
The Dubai visa application process is straight forward. You can even obtain assistance in correctly filling out the Dubai visa application.

Dubai Immigration Office

The Dubai visa process is easy as you are given a list of documents that you need to present to the Dubai Immigration department.

These documents need to be attached to your Dubai visa application. The type of documents that you will need to provide slightly differ according to your nationality.You will need to obtain and present each of the requested documents otherwise your Dubai visa application will certainly be rejected by Dubai immigration.

Application Process - Visa to Dubai

If all your followed the first step correctly and the documents that Dubai immigration asked for are in good order then you can obtain your new Dubai visa within 3 working days.

In certain cases the Dubai visa applicant requires the entrance visa within an even shorter time frame. This should normally be no problem as the Dubai Immigration Office does offer a fast track visa service which allows for applicants to obtain a visa within 24 hours.

Please note that Dubai Immigration is closed on Thursday afternoon and all of Friday so no work is done on any visa applications during the Dubai "weekend". The fast track Dubai application is also more expensive then the regular Dubai visa application.

We would like to inform you that all Dubai visa application fees are non refundable. Incase your Dubai visa application gets rejected for what ever reason, you are unable to get back any part of the Dubai visa application fee.

The Dubai immigration office is part of the much larger Dubai Interior ministry for naturalization and residency department. You will frequently see this important and powerful Dubai Government office referred to as the DNRD. It is worth noting that only the DNRD is able to issue entrance visas to Dubai. Do not believe any promises made to you by tour operators or Dubai visa assistance agents.

Unless you are able to apply at a United Arab Emirates Embassy near your home, you will have to arrange your visa application through your travel agent or the hotel that you will be staying at. There is no possibility to apply directly to the Dubai immigration office.

GCC Countries Passport Holders

GCC nationals enjoy a special immigration status for Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

The GCC consists of the following nations:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Oman

GCC stands for the Gulf Cooperation Council which can be compared to what the European Union is for Europe. GCC passport holders are the only nationalities that do not require any form of Dubai visa to enter Dubai. There is no time frame specified for how long GCC nationals in are permitted to stay during their visit to Dubai.

Visa Upon Arrival in Dubai

There is an additional group of visitors that do not have to go through the hassle of applying for an entrance visa to Dubai. These travelers can simply obtain an Dubai visa upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport. The following countries are included in this list:

- Brunei
- Hong Kong
- Japan
- Malaysia
- New Zealand
- Singapore
- South Korea
- United States
- Australia
- Canada
- United Kingdom

 - Andorra
 - Austria
 - Belgium
 - Denmark
 - Finland
 - France
 - Germany
 - Greece
 - Iceland
 - Ireland
 - Italy

 - Liechtenstein
 - Luxembourg
 - Monaco
 - Netherlands
 - Norway
 - Portugal
 - San Marino
 - Spain
 - Sweden
 - Switzerland
 - Vatican


Any visitors travelling on a passport that has anytype of visa or entrance stamp to Israel, please note that you will not be permitted to enter Dubai. The same applies obviously to all Israelian nationals. If you would like to go to Dubai but you have some old stamp in your passport from a previous visit to Israel then you will need to contact your local passport office and get a brand new passport. You will then be allowed entrance to Dubai without any difficulties.
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