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Dubai Ramadan


The Dubai Ramadan is a big annual event on the Dubai event calendar. A variety of Dubai Ramadan related events are held during the Ramadan period in the popular Emirate.
Dubai Ramadan


For those of you that might not be too familiar with Ramadan, it is the holy month for Muslims during which Muslims around the globe celebrate the revelation of the Koran which is the Muslin equivalent of the Christian Bible.

Ramadan in Dubai

During the Ramadan in Dubai, Muslims have a period of fasting which consists of abstinence of food and drinks as well as any tobacco products and any thoughts or activities that are deemed unclean.

You will discover that during Ramadan in Dubai the period between dusk and dawn, which starts in the evening, Muslims celebrate the Iftar fest during the Dubai Ramadan.

Dubai Iftar Fest

The fasting is temporarily halted during the period between sunset and sunrise. The exact time at which the Muslim population of Dubai can stop the fasting during Ramadan is published in all major daily newspapers and publications.

Ramadan Tents in Dubai

The Dubai Ramadan period is one of festivities and joy. All over Dubai during the Ramadan you can find large Ramadan tents which fill up with people once the Iftar fest starts each evening. You will find not only Muslims in these special Dubai Ramadan tents as people from all nationalities and all religions are invited to join the special festivities during the Ramadan period in Dubai.

People attending the Iftar fests in these special Ramadan tents will be able to sample a large number of popular Arabic dishes and a drag or two on the famous Shisha. The Shisha off course is the Arabic water pipe in which primarily fruit flavored tobacco is smoked with apple being a favorite for many Arabs.

All the 5 star hotels in Dubai will hold special events and activities during the Ramadan in Dubai with many hotels actually erecting their very own Ramadan tents.

Dubai Fasting

Tourists visiting Dubai during the Ramadan period should please take note that all people, including tourists with a different religious background, should not eat nor drink in any public locations during the day when Muslims are fasting. It is permitted however to eat and drink on hotel premises.

Many of the cinemas in Dubai during Ramadan will not show any movies during the fasting period each day and other live entertainment such as music shows will also be postponed until after sunset during Dubai Ramadan.
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