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Dubai property was only available for UAE nationals and for nationals from one of the GCC countries until recently.

Property Ownership in Dubai

Fortunately the situation changed in regards to Dubai property ownership laws and regulations when the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, changed the old laws in 2002 so that people from other countries could also purchase and own a piece of Dubai property. This of course gave a welcome influx of foreign currency when the Dubai real estate market opened up and many foreigners started purchasing Dubai apartments.

Timeshare Ownership in Dubai

In 2007, Dubai government began approving the presence of timeshare resorts in the country, and many foreigners purchased these luxury condos for the ability to visit Dubai year after year at an affordable cost. Timeshares in Dubai are located within such popular resorts as the Royal Club at Palm-Jumeirah, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, and Dubai Lagoon Vacation Club. Each timeshare property features full kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms – everything one would expect from an apartment – with the luxury of being located at a high end resort. Because of the boom in timeshare growth over the last few years, and the large amount of owners, there is now a huge selection to purchase on the timeshare resale market. Owners who purchase a Dubai timeshare resale enjoy savings of 60-70% off. Many current owners found their timeshare apartment on, one of the oldest online timeshare resellers, which currently features over 90 properties for sale and rent.

Dubai Real Estate for Foreigners

The Dubai property ownership laws were changed so that foreigners would be able to buy certain Dubai real estate objects on a freehold basis. The boom in the Dubai real estate and property market that followed the change in the Dubai property laws was remarkable.

Dubai Apartments

Dubai apartments and Dubai villas have both been popular Dubai real estate objects among foreign property buyers.  Some of the most popular Dubai real estate properties have been the large and new developments that were recently constructed in Dubai include the famous Dubai Palm complex as well as the world class Dubai marina and the Burj Dubai. These real estate developments have been some of the most successful Dubai property developments so far.

Dubai Property and Residential Visa

Obtaining a residential visa for Dubai has not always been very easy. Many of the next Dubai property developments such as the ones mentioned above have also started advertising that they will arrange residential visas for all buyers of one of the real estate units.

Dubai Exclusive Property Developments

Two of the most exclusive Dubai property developments have been the Jumeirah Beach Residence which offers coastal real estate units for those buyers who enjoy living along the coast and another upscale Dubai real estate project has been the extremely exclusive Emirates Hills property.

Dubai Real Estate Agents

Arenco Group - Dubai Real Estate Group 337-0550
Better Homes - Dubai Property Specialist 344-7714
Dubai Government Real Estate 398-6666
Dubai Luxery Homes - Upmarket Dubai Properties 355-1484

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