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Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek plays an important part of everyday life for people living and working in Dubai. The Dubai
creek is also important as it divides the two major Dubai sections of Deira and Bur Dubai..

The Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is located in the centre of Dubai. The Dubai creek separates the Dubai airport area and Deira area from the Bur Dubai which is also known as Dubai city.

Dubai Creek Settlement

Along the Dubai creek is also where historians inform us that the first Dubai settlement was build. Remains of this early Dubai settlement were found at the mouth of the Dubai creek.

The creek in Dubai was originally smaller in size however as the land along the coast quickly filled up with residents and businesses, people were forced to go land inwards.

Creek Enlargement

As little water was available land inwards due to the desert type landscape, the Dubai creek was enlarged by the local authorities through intensive dredging.

The Dubai creek also was used by boats for transporting goods and people so it was important that these boats could go land inwards as far as possible

Dubai Creek Crossing Points

If you would like to cross the Dubai creek then there currently are three locations where you can do this.

  • Al Garhoud Bridge - Furthest crossing point from the coast
  • Al Makthoum Bridge
  • Al Shindagha -¬†Closest crossing to the coast.

    Dubai Water Taxi

    You can also cross the Dubai creek by means of a water taxi which local residents call Abra. These special Dubai water taxis, Abras, can be found all along the creek in Dubai.
    Abras are used not only for simply crossing to the other but also for going to a location up or downstream. Many local Dubai residents therefore also use the Dubai water taxis as a daily Dubai transportation method.

    The Abras transport on average nearly 15.000 passengers daily between Deira and Bur Dubai.

    We do recommend for visitors to take a Dubai water taxi when crossing the Dubai creek. You will first of all be able to enjoy the beautiful views that passengers have from the Abras.

    Dubai Abra

    What might be even a better reason to use an Abra is that especially during rush hour, the three Dubai creek crossing points become congested and traffic jams can be spotted daily.

    If you are in a rush to get to the other side of the Dubai creek then it can be much quicker if you simply use the services of a water taxi in Dubai.

    Dubai Corniche

    A Dubai Corniche is what local residents call the promenades that can be found on a large number of locations along the Dubai creek.

    Walking along the Dubai creek and Dubai corniche is a popular activity for families during the weekend.

    A corniche is a great place to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time whilst enjoying the beautiful views of the Dubai creek. Many joggers can be spotted daily at a corniche in Dubai.

    Dubai Water Taxi Charter

    If you wish to charter an entire Dubai water taxi for yourself then that can be arranged easily. There are no fixed prices for chartering an Abra.

    You must arrange the price with the captain of the Dubai water taxi before getting in and getting underway.

    Depending on your negotiation skills, a Dubai creek water taxi can be chartered for 30 minutes for around 35 - 45 Dhs.

    Views from Dubai Creek

    There are a number of beautiful locations where you can go and there are especially a number of impressive buildings which you can view from within the Dubai creek water taxi.

    You should ask the Abra captain to take you to spots where you can view examples of building in Bur Dubai that are build in the lovely traditional Arabic architecture style.

    Another great sight to go view are the well known mirrored Deira Towers.

  • Creek of Dubai

    Dubai creekDubai Creek is the life artery of Dubai.
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    Dubai creek

    Dubai Water TaxiTypical Dubai water taxi
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