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Deira - Other Side of Dubai

Deira and Bur Dubai are the two main areas of Dubai. Deira offers visitors a number of excellent attractions such as the Deira Gold Souk.

Deira - Main Dubai Area

Deira is located to the east of the Dubai creek and Bur Dubai. If you are coming from Bur Dubai and you would like to reach Deira, you will need to cross the Dubai creek.

You can cross the Dubai creek at three different locations from either the Bur Dubai or Deira side. Alternatively you can also use the Dubai water taxis to take you from the Bur Dubai side to Deira.

Deira is often considered to somewhat less developed and commercialized then neighboring Bur Dubai. Many visitors might assume that this is the case as many commercial and financial activities are found in the Bur Dubai region which includes for example the Dubai World Trade Centre and the upscale area at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Deira Souks in Dubai

Business activities however are found throughout Deira although possibly in a somewhat different way. Some of the oldest trading areas in Dubai are located in Deira which are the different souks.

The gold souk is a prime example of trading activities and of the wealth and prosperity that can be found in Deira.

Deira vs Bur Dubai

Exploring Deira and Bur Dubai are two separate experiences. The main reason why people always consider Bur Dubai to be much wealthier then Deira is because Bur Dubai is a very modern section of Dubai with many large and new buildings and shopping malls.

Deira on the other side consists of meandering and narrow streets which are lined with many small merchants. Coffee shops and all appears somewhat unorganized to tourists.

Shopping in Deira

For those of you that enjoy shopping at large modern shopping malls then please do not worry. You can find these type of shopping malls in the Deira side of the Dubai creek as well. 

Many merchants have recently closed up shop in Bur Dubai and relocated to Deira to open up their new shop due to the considerably lower rents in Deira.

Deira Evening Hours

The streets during the evening in Deira are much more alive than in Bur Dubai. Many people enjoy dinner or simply have an espresso at one of many outdoor restaurants and coffee shops whilst looking at people walk past their terrace.

The lively atmosphere in Deira during the evening hours certainly is one reason why you should consider staying at one of the hotels in Deira during your next visit to Dubai.

Dhow Wharfage

A great place in Deira to visit for tourists is the Dhow Wharfage. Enjoy a nice stroll along the Dhow Wharfage and have a look at the local merchants. These merchants in the Deira side of Dubai can be compared to market salesmen in Europe.

The Dubai merchants found at the Dhow Wharfage offer shoppers all sorts of products which many include fresh vegetables, Plasma televisions and even occasionally vehicles. The atmosphere that can be enjoyed at the Dhow Wharfage is frequently compared to how the original Dubai shopping experience and atmosphere would have been like in the old days.

Deira does not only consist of small roads and small dwellings. If you walk along the Deira side of the Dubai creek, you will find a number of modern and beautiful commercial real estate properties.

Modern Architecture in Deira

Many visitors are most impressed by a tall modern building that has a large round object on top of the building which looks like a giant golf ball.

The building in question is the Etisalat Telecommunications building and is a prime example of the type of building that are build around Deira and the rest of the United Arab Emirates using its own style of modern architecture.

The “pregnant lady” building is another impressive office building located in Deira and this building is also a prime example of the type of modern architecture that can be found all over Dubai. The building is officially known as the National Bank of Dubai building however local residents in Deira and the rest of Dubai quickly named it the “pregnant lady”.

The building’s exterior is made completely out of glass which looks spectacular when the sun shines on the office building at certain angles. The National Bank of Dubai building in Deira stands erect like an impressive convex mirror.

Deira at Sunset

When the sun starts to set over the skyline of Deira then you should head over to the other side of the Dubai creek. If you head towards to British Embassy then you will encounter a lovely cornice located very near to the embassy.

This particular Corniche offers some of the most amazing views in Dubai. While the sun sets, you are able to witness the remarkable difference between the old Dubai and the more modern version of Dubai and Deira.

You will be able to see fascinating moored trading Dhows which are located near to this particular Corniche. You can witness the Dhows trading goods with other traders and selling products to customers on the shore.

What makes the sight even nicer is that the trading dhows are being reflected by the water of Dubai creek as well as from surrounding massive glass commercial and residential buildings along with the orange light from the sun set. Make sure to take your camera with you!

Markets in Deira

Another Deira location that every Dubai visitor should take time for to visit is the market located directly adjacent to the Deira Abra station.

What makes this Deira market so special is the fact that it is the oldest market in all of Dubai. This Deira market sells a variety of items however most merchants at this market seem to have specialized on household goods.

Deira Spice Souk

When you are finished at the old Deira market then why not stop of at the nearby spice Souk. Many tourists visiting Dubai thoroughly enjoy visiting the spice souk in Deira as it’s a true pleasure walking around this particular Deira souk.

Your senses will be doing overtime as you walk past and smell the many different types of spices that are being sold in the spice souk of Deira. The intensive aroma of the different spices which includes valuable yellow saffron, cinnamon and aniseed, entices many visitors into purchasing some spices at this Deira Souk.

Other items that are offered by the shops in the Deira spice souk include various herbs and special perfumed oil which local healers and pharmacists have been using to make their own special and traditional medicine for centuries.

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira

Another Deira souk runs adjacent to the spice souk and this souk is the most famous all the souks located in Dubai. The world renowned Deira gold souk has been the Valhalla of gold markets for millions of women.
The collection of gold being offered to shoppers at the gold souk in Deira must certainly be one of the finest and extensive collections of gold being sold anywhere in the world.

Shoppers at the Deira gold souk walk street after street in awe as they walk past the many gold shops. The windows of the gold shops at the Deira gold souk appear to be completely filled with thousands of beautifully designed 22 and 24 carat gold items.

What makes shopping for gold at this Deira souk so special and worthwhile is the fact that the gold prices are among the lowest in the world due to low gold prices as well as no sales tax.

The gold shops do create custom made items if you have any special wishes and they generally work fast and offer high quality work. If you purchase a golden necklace in Paris or New York then the price of the necklace would also be determined by the designer or gold smith who created the gold necklace.

In the Deira gold souk this does not occur. All gold is sold by its weight which means that you are able to purchase gold at this Deira market from famous designers at incredibly cheap prices. The final price of your purchase is once again determined by your negotiation skills as the gold items are not price tagged.

Deira is a great destination within Dubai and please do take the time to explore all the wonders and hidden treasures that Deira offers to all its visitors.

Deira Attractions

Deira and Dubai Creek
View of Deira from accross the Dubai creek.
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Deira Gold Souk
Deira Gold Souk is a popular shopping venue for visitors to Dubai.
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