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Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai was once a quiet stretch of sand with an occasional palm tree here and there. Dubai City sure had changed a lot since those day as Bur Dubai is now an international financial and business centre. Do visit this area of Dubai during your next visit and enjoy the many great shopping malls and numerous architectural masterpieces that can be found throughout Bur Dubai.

Dubai City

Dubai City is a prime example of how a Middle Eastern city has adapted to modern times. It is a true delight to see and how the lovely charm of Dubai and its old rustic Arabic structures blend with incredible modern skyscrapers which line the skyline of Bur Dubai.

Bur Dubai is considerably more lively then neighbouring Deira across the Dubai creek.

Bur Dubai seems to be filled with many restaurants, shops, large commercial real estate projects. Huge modern shopping malls can be found all over Bur Dubai which sell all the latest fashion goods and the most luxurious consumer products.

Bur Dubai Financial District

Bur Dubai is also known as Dubai city which is mainly due to that the real financial centre of Dubai is located in Bur Dubai Dubai Directory and not Deira. Local Dubai authorities all have their offices based in this side of the Dubai creek as well. The Dubai World Trade Centre is one of the worlds busiest meeting and convention centres.

Dubai World Trade Centrer

You will be able to find almost daily some type of International meeting, congress or convention being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Bur Dubai or at one of the other convention and meeting halls in Dubai.

Bur Dubai is not only a thriving financial and commercial area as many foreign residents have opted for living in the Bur Dubai area. There are several large rise residential complexes to be found in Bur Dubai.

Living in Bur Dubai

These Bur Dubai apartment buildings are found grouped together in gated communities. Residents are able to find all types of great complimentary services and facilities in these Bur Dubai compounds including swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms.

Bur Dubai has more to offer visitors then only office buildings, exclusive shopping malls and large financial institutions. The Dubai guide has visited a variety of attractions and activities and we have included the nicest ones in our guide.

Al Shindafgha Area of Bur Dubai

A nice area in Bur Dubai to start exploring Dubai City is the area known as Al Shindagha. This part of Bur Dubai is located at the mouth of Dubai creek. The heritage and diving village are located in this part of Bur Dubai and visitors can also visit the nearby Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House. Only a few minutes away from this Bur Dubai attraction is the famous Dubai museum which is well worth visiting.

Diwan Building in Dubai

The Diwan is located opposite the Dubai museum. The Diwan houses the main administrative body of the government of Dubai as well as the private office of the ruler of Dubai.

The Diwan building is an impressive building which was constructed in this area of Bur Dubai in 1990. Diwan is a low rise building which immediately grabs the attention of people passing the Dubai government building due to its white exterior and its black railings.

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

Bur Dubai also has a number of impressive Mosques and the Grand Mosque should be visited by anyone visiting Dubai. The Grand Mosque is located near to the Diwan and up to 1200 worshippers can pray inside the Mosque at any given moment.

This important Bur Dubai Mosque was renovated some time ago for a record breaking 16 million Dhs. What makes this Bur Dubai Mosque stand out from other nearby Mosques is the fact hat the minaret at the Grand Mosque is nearly 70 meters tall and that the Mosque has 54 beautiful domes.

Bur Dubai District Bastakiya

The Bur Dubai area known as the Bastakiya district is a more traditional and less modern area of Dubai city. Visitors wanted to experience and feel a more Arabic and traditional atmosphere should visit the Bastakiya district.

The walkway houses a large number of lovely outdoor restaurants serving excellent local Dubai cuisine. At more then one of these establishments it is common to find guests enjoying the Shisha pipe with their friends of relatives.

Another interesting sight to visit in this area of Bur Dubai are the Barajeels. These wind towers were constructed as a way to cool down a building or construction very much the same as modern air-conditioning units do.

This Bur Dubai area is considered to be one of the oldest settlements of Dubai with the first structures being constructed during the first quarter of the 19th century.

This district of Dubai City was known during those days as the Bastakiya Chok and become home for large numbers of Iranian traders from the Bastak region. As Dubai was under populated during those days, the rulers of Dubai created incentives for people to migrate from elsewhere to Dubai.

Bur Dubai in Dubai

Grand Mosque in Bur Dubai
Bur Dubai Grand Mosque.
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Dubai World Trade Center
Dubai world trade center.
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Dubai World Trade Center
Bur Dubai.
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