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  • Bur Dubai - Dubai City - Dubai City
    Bur Dubai, also known as Dubai City, is the lively and entertaining area of Dubai. Not only does Bur Dubai house the financial district of Dubai but is also offers a number of great Dubai attractions to tourists on holiday in Dubai which include the Grand Mosque and the Dubai Museum.

  • Deira - Spice Souk - Deira Gold Souk - Dubai Creek
    Deira is one the main areas of Dubai and is located across the Dubai creek from Bur Dubai. Deira offers visitors many attractions including the Deira gold souk and the spice souk. When you visit Deira please also visit the Dhow Wharfage and look at the trading Dhows.

  • Dubai - Travel Guide - Dubai Information
    Dubai travel guide and Dubai hotels guide offers the latest news and specials for all visitors planning to come to Dubai soon. Dubai Travel and Dubai Hotel information is avaiable to all Dubai tourists.

  • Dubai Bus -Dubai Public Transport - Dubai Airport Bus
    Dubai bus service is excellent with nearly 150 000 daily passengers using this form of Dubai public transport. Read more inside the Dubai travel guide about takiing the bus in Dubai and where the Dubai bus stations are located and how you can take the Dubai airport bus.

  • Dubai Camping - Dubai Guide
    There are no official Dubai camping grounds however there are several areas in Dubai where camping is permitted. Read all about Dubai camping inside our Dubai guide

  • Dubai Consulates - Foreign Consulates in Dubai
    Listing of foreign consulates in Dubai with all the relevant contact information for these Dubai consulates of a large number of countries.

  • Dubai Creek - Dubai Water Taxi - Dubai Corniche
    Dubai creek is an important part of everyday life in Dubai. Dubai water taxis are a frequently used method to cross the Dubai creek. A great place to escape noise is by going to a Dubai corniche which are located along the Dubai creek.

  • Dubai Geography - Dubai Location - Rub Al Khali
    Dubai geography is documented inside the Dubai travel and hotel guide. Learn more about the geography of Dubai before you visit the largest of all United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai International Airport - Dubai Airport
    The Dubai International Airport is one of the leading airports in the world. Terminal 1 at the Dubai airport, also known as the Sheikh Rashid Terminal, is where most international passengers pass through at Dubai International Airport

  • Dubai Property - Dubai Real Estate - Dubai Apartment
    Dubai property can now be purchased by foreigners as well and there are a number of excellent Dubai real estate projects well worth investing into. Beautiful Dubai apartments or other Dubai property objects can be purchased through the Dubai real estate agents listed here.

  • Dubai Ramadan - Dubai Holy Month - Ramadan in Dubai
    Dubai Ramadan period brings a variety of special events and activities to Dubai. Large Dubai Ramadan tents are set up in which festivities are held during Ramadan in Dubai.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival - Dubai Shopping
    The Dubai Shopping Festival is the event to be at if you enjoy shopping at discount prices. The annual Dubai shopping festival is a great and spectacular shopping event however a large number of cultural events are hosted at the same time.

  • Dubai Visa - Dubai Immigration Office - Dubai Tourist Visa
    Dubai visa requirements and dubai immigration polices can be found in our Dubai travel guide. Find out more about Dubai tourist visa's as well as the DNRD.

  • Dubai Weather - Dubai Climate - Weather in Dubai
    Dubai weather can either be very plesant or terrible uncomfortable. The weather in Dubai is affected by the of course by the Dubai climate and its desert location. The Dubai weather is most pleasant during the weather months.

  • Dubai Youth Hostel - Cheap Dubai Accommodation
    Dubai Youth Hostel information can be found in our Dubai guide. Staying at the Dubai youth hostel is an inexpensive option for those looking for cheap Dubai accommodation.

  • Palm Island Dubai - Palm Islands Dubai
    The Palm Island Dubai actually consists of a number of Dubai Palm Islands. The Palm Island Dubai is labelled by many as the eighth wonder of the world and some great Dubai real estate can be purchased at the Dubai Palm Island.

  • Travelling to Dubai with Children - Dubai Childrens Activities - Dubai Holiday
    Travelling to Dubai with children is no problem as there are plenty of great activities for children on holiday in Dubai to enjoy. There are many excellent Dubai childrens activities and attractions and also great Dubai family activities and events organised through out the year.

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